Our commitment is with the integral development of what is alive, human consciousness, and the processes that bring us closer to being a free and harmonious planetary community.

About us 

We are a community of therapists and cultural practitioners that facilitates self-discovery and healing processes, transformation, and expansion of consciousness. We accompany individuals, groups, and community organizations.


 Community Outreach

The project aims to promote healing, resilience, and social integration by fostering a sense of belonging, providing culturally sensitive care, and empowering individuals to regain control over their lives.


"From time to time, the earth seeks to protect its children, the men and women of corn. And there comes a moment - when the night is most difficult - when the earth gets tired and needs those men and women to help it live."   


- Popol Vuh 

Migrants and Refugees

Mayan Wellness Center

Yutsil O'tan

This project's mission is to create a Center for Mayan Traditional Ceremonies and Mental Health Services to provide spaces for wellbeing spiritual practices.